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Providing a sprightly spring in your step while working in industrial environments, our safety trainers are the perfect footwear for those who want to blend comfort, style, and practical safety while on the job. These athletic options are ideal for anyone who wants to optimise comfort at work, while keeping all parts of their feet safe from harm.  

Despite the lightweight feel, most trainers are insulated thoroughly enough to keep feet warm down to temperatures of -17°C, while a water-resistant leather keeps the foot dry in damp conditions. Moisture wicking breathable fabrics are also commonly employed, which allow for the foot to stay fresh without letting the elements in.  

Several leading brands have now dipped into the safety trainer market, with Safetec supplying shoes from household names like Sketchers and Puma, as well as more traditional PPE suppliers like Portwest and Rock Fall. All of our shoes boast features such as electrical hazard protection, puncture-resistant soles and waterproof properties. Find a pair which works for your exact requirements today.

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Safety trainers typically have steel or composite toe caps to protect the toes from impact or compression, as well as slip-resistant soles to prevent slips and falls. They may also provide additional features such as electrical hazard protection, puncture-resistant soles and waterproof properties.

When choosing safety trainers, it is important to ensure that they meet the necessary safety standards for your workplace. It is also important to consider the specific features that you require, such as the level of protection, comfort, and breathability.

Some popular brands that offer safety trainers include, Sketchers and Puma. Overall, safety trainers are a great option for individuals who require protective footwear in the workplace but prefer the style and comfort of athletic trainers. They provide both protection and comfort, ensuring that you can work safely and efficiently.

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