Eye Wash

Eye wash solution or eye wash stations are critical components of first aid kit, particularly in environments where there is a risk of exposure to chemicals, foreign particles, or other irritants that can cause eye injuries or irritation. Eye wash solution is specifically designed to cleanse the eyes and flush out contaminants, providing immediate relief and helping to prevent further damage. Here's what you need to know about eye wash in first aid: 

Purpose: Eye wash solution is used to irrigate and cleanse the eyes in the event of chemical exposure, foreign object contamination, or other eye irritations. It helps to remove foreign particles, chemicals, or debris from the eyes and can prevent injuries or minimize damage. 

Composition: Eye wash solutions typically contain sterile saline solution, which is similar to the natural tears produced by the eyes. Some formulations may also include buffering agents to maintain the pH balance of the solution and enhance comfort during irrigation.
Availability: Eye wash solution is available in various formats, including single-use eye wash pods and eye wash bottles. It is important to have readily accessible eye wash solution in workplaces, laboratories, industrial facilities, and other environments where eye injuries or chemical exposures may occur. 

Usage: In the event of an eye injury or exposure to chemicals, immediately flush the affected eye with eye wash solution. Hold the eye open with one hand and gently pour or spray the eye wash solution into the eye with the other hand. Use a gentle stream of solution to thoroughly irrigate the eye, ensuring that contaminants are flushed out. Continue flushing the eye for at least 15 minutes, or as directed by medical personnel, to ensure effective cleansing and removal of irritants. If both eyes are affected, flush each eye separately to prevent cross-contamination. 

By having eye wash solution readily available and ensuring that employees are trained in its proper use, you can help protect against eye injuries and promote safety in the workplace. Here at Safetec we have everything you need to ensure you are prepared and ready, explore our eye wash range today!

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