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FFP2 Disposable Dust Masks

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Our extensive FFP2 mask range provides protection against moderate levels of dust, oil or water-based mist and other mildly toxic forms of particulate matter. All our masks are designed to be lightweight and comfortable to wear, but durable enough for the task at hand.

11 Products Found

11 Products Found

11 Products Found

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Colour-coded straps hold the FFP2 mask in place, while valves allow for the free entry and exit of oxygen and CO2. Breathing is free and easy, allowing you to get on with the job without constantly readjusting your mask.

Choose between a folded or moulded mask. Both options offer an easy fit and the same level of protection, so it’s simply a matter of what you feel more comfortable wearing. Browse our full range, including leading brands like Biztex, JSP and 3M.


What is an FFP2 mask?

FFP2 disposable face masks are one of the most effective ways to prevent unwanted particulate matter from entering your airways. They filter out up to 95% of particles found in any industrial or medical environment, and are the European equivalent to N95s (used in the US) and KN95s (used in China).

What’s the difference between a valved and non-valved FFP2 mask?

A valve allows for excess moisture to escape, making it easier to breathe while wearing the mask. The levels of protection offered by a valved and non-valved mask are the same.

What’s the difference between an FFP2 and FFP3 mask?

The main difference is the level of protection. While both do a very good job at filtering out unwanted particles, the FFP3 can keep out up to 99% (compared to the FFP2’s 95%).

Do I need a fit test?

You don’t necessarily need to carry out a formal test, but it is always wise to make sure your mask is fitted correctly to your face. This can be done by pressing down on part of the respirator around your nose. Breathe in and out. If you notice any air escaping, your mask needs to be refitted.

When should I remove my FFP2 mask?

Remove and replace your mask when it becomes moist, as the moisture can negatively impact the effectiveness of the filter. FFP2 masks should only be used once before they’re discarded.



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