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First aid bandages are an essential component of any first aid kit, designed to provide initial wound care and protection. Bandages cover and protect wounds, cuts, or burns to promote healing and prevent infection. They come in various types, each suited for different purposes and wound sizes.

18 Products Found

18 Products Found

18 Products Found

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Here are some common types of first aid bandages:

Triangular Bandages: A triangular bandage is a versatile and commonly used piece of first aid equipment. It consists of a large, usually triangular-shaped piece of cloth, often made of cotton or muslin, that can be folded and manipulated into various configurations to serve different purposes. Triangular bandages are an essential component of any first aid kit due to their multiple uses in providing support, immobilization, compression, and dressing retention.

Conforming Bandage: A conforming bandage, also known as a conforming gauze bandage or conforming stretch bandage, is a type of elastic bandage designed to conform to the shape of the body. It is commonly used for securing dressings, providing light compression, and supporting injured limbs.

Bandage With Dressings: A bandage with dressing (also known as a sterile dressing or sterile eye dressing) combines the functions of both a bandage and a dressing to provide comprehensive wound care and protection. It typically consists of two main components: the dressing, which covers and protects the wound, and the bandage, which secures the dressing in place and provides support.

Cohesive Bandages: These bandages stick to themselves but not to the skin or hair, providing a secure yet non-constricting wrap. Self-adherent bandages are often used for securing dressings, splints, or for providing support during athletic activities.

Crepe Bandages: A crepe bandage is a type of elastic bandage made from a loosely woven cotton material with a crinkled or textured surface, which gives it its characteristic "crepe" appearance. These bandages are commonly used for various purposes due to their elasticity, versatility, and effectiveness in providing compression and support.

Finger Cots and Finger Bandages: These are specifically designed to cover and protect injuries on fingers. Finger cots are tubular coverings that slide over the finger, while finger bandages are shaped to fit around the finger securely.

Tubular Support Bandages: These are a type of compression bandage designed to provide support, compression, and protection for injured joints, muscles, or limbs. It consists of a seamless tubular fabric sleeve that can be stretched to fit over the affected area. Tubular support bandages are available in various sizes and widths to accommodate different body parts and injuries.

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