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Good footwear while you work is a must for anyone in the industrial sector – but it shouldn’t be the case that you forgo comfort in favour of practicality. The best safety shoes on the market are those which blend accident-prevention with a fit which feels comfortable day in, day out. Whether you’re after a basic work safety shoe, something lightweight which provides versatility in a number of environments, or a waterproof shoe for those working in damp conditions, we have you covered.  

Our safety shoes come in a number of styles and fits, with material which is both durable and easy to wear. Versatility is at the forefront of what we offer, with dedicated shoes that are able to focus on both puncture and slip resistance, while also ensuring metatarsal and reinforced sole protection. What’s more, innovative technology allows for friction and static resistance, while shock absorption can be included in the heel for high-impact landings.  

Staying safe while you work starts with having your feet firmly on the ground – and our diverse range of safety shoes are perfect for just that. Check out the full range of options we currently have available. 

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Our safety shoes, also known as worker shoes, come in different styles, including smart executive, ladies, slip on, waterproof, lightweight and wide fit. They can also come with different types of safety features, including reinforced toes and soles, puncture-resistant materials, slip-resistant soles, and metatarsal guards.

Safety shoes are commonly used in industries such as construction, manufacturing, and warehousing, where workers are exposed to hazards such as falling objects, sharp debris, and slippery surfaces. Wearing safety shoes can help prevent injuries and keep workers safe on the job.

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