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Safety eye protection is crucial in various environments to prevent eye injuries and ensure the well-being of individuals. Different industries and activities pose different risks to the eyes, so selecting the appropriate eye protection is essential. The most common types of safety eye protection are safety glasses, safety goggles and face shields.

When choosing safety eye protection, consider the following factors: Impact Resistance, ensure that the eye protection meets or exceeds the impact resistance standards for the specific activity. Chemical Resistance, for environments with chemical hazards, choose eye protection that provides resistance to the specific chemicals involved. Fit and Comfort, proper fit is essential for effective protection. Uncomfortable or ill-fitting eye protection may be less likely to be worn consistently. Visibility, clear vision is crucial for safety. Choose eye protection that has the relevant optical class and has anti-fog features if needed. Compliance, ensure that the selected eye protection complies with relevant safety standards and regulations in your industry.

 Always follow safety guidelines and use the appropriate eye protection for the specific tasks and hazards in your work environment. Regularly inspect and replace eye protection that is damaged or worn.

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We have a variety of PPE products available to choose from, with some of our best eye protection coming in the form of:

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