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First aid dressings are specialized medical products used to cover and protect wounds and injuries. These first aid dressings come in various forms and sizes, each designed for specific types of wounds and applications. Dressings play a crucial role in wound care management by providing an effective barrier against infection, promoting wound healing, and preventing complications such as excessive bleeding or exudate buildup.

42 Products Found

42 Products Found

42 Products Found

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Here are some common types of first aid dressings:

Sterile Dressings: Sterile dressing with a bandage is commonly used in wound care to cover and protect injuries while providing compression and support. These dressings typically consist of a sterile absorbent pad attached to a stretchable or elastic bandage. This dressing is an essential item in any first aid kit.

Sterile Gauze Dressings: Sterile gauze dressings consist of layers of absorbent gauze material enclosed in a sterile wrapper. They are used to cover and protect wounds, absorb blood and exudate, and promote healing. Gauze dressings come in various sizes, ranging from small squares to large pads, and can be secured in place with adhesive tape or bandages.

Adhesive Dressings: Adhesive island dressings feature an absorbent pad surrounded by an adhesive border. They are used to cover larger wounds, surgical incisions, or areas with high levels of exudate. The adhesive border helps to secure the dressing in place and create a seal around the wound to prevent contamination.

Low Adherent Dressings: Non-adherent dressings are designed to minimize trauma to the wound during dressing changes. They feature a non-stick surface that does not adhere to the wound bed, reducing pain and discomfort when the dressing is removed. Non-adherent dressings are commonly used for burns, abrasions, and donor sites.

Trauma & Ambulance Dressing: Highly absorbent thick wound dressing suitable for severe blood loss injuries with compression bandages used to apply pressure to wounds or injured limbs to control bleeding, reduce swelling, and provide support.

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