Knowledge Hub Resources

At Safetec Direct we like to share knowledge from our research and industry understanding of PPE, Safety Equipment, and Workwear. Our Resources are designed to help spread awareness of PPE and associated safety at work practices.

PPE Regulation Changes 2018

Confused about the changes to PPE regulations in 2018? Read our complete guide on 2016/425 changes that are now being enforced as of April 2018.

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Hospital PPE

A guide on how PPE (personal protective equipment) can make a massive difference. Stopping the spread before it has a chance to take hold keeps people safe. Let’s discover how you can achieve this goal. 

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Workplace Hazards & Occupational Safety

Staying safe at work is something we take for granted. While we might not think about it during day-to-day tasks, there’s always the potential our health could be put at risk from unforeseen circumstances.

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